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 Emergency Roofing service 

Victory Roofing is dedicated to responding to emergency roof needs regardless of the time or day. Our experienced work force is dispatched in 2 or more man crew depending on the emergency. 

Servicing commercial and residential facilities in the heart of downtown Toronto for many years, our highly skilled team is equipped and can ensure your problems are resolved fast. When an emergency happens you need to take immediate action,  to prevent any further damage.

When it comes to a roof leak time is the enemy.

An emergency roof repair is completed under extreme roofing conditions, typically classified as a temporary repair. Once the roof conditions improve there is a requirement for a supplementary followup to complete the permanent repair. If a permanent repair is required you will receive a quotation for the additional repairs needed. In some cases depending on the age and condition of the roof it can just be repaired. In other cases the roof can be temporarily repaired and need replacing.

For 24hr Emergency roofing service needed please call us at           416 551 8777 we will get someone to attend this call as quickly as possible.